Pineapple Chamomile Tea

Looking for a drink that presses your “reset button” HARD? Try this delicious, calming tea muddled with sweet pineapple chunks and basil.

Blackened Mahi Mahi Salad

Raspberries are not only packed with Omega-3s, but they’re also helpful in fighting obesity. This salad is the perfect post-holiday meal!

Toasted Ravioli

Are you looking for a quick appetizer to serve during the holidays? These baked ravioli are a simple and impressive choice!

Potato Leek Quiches

Enjoy these mini, crustless quiches with anything you like; spinach, tomatoes, chorizo, goat cheese….It’s so versatile, you won’t ever need to make individual omelletes ever again!

Red Split Lentil Quesadillas

All you need is a cilantro yogurt dipping sauce to serve next to these red split lentil quesadillas, and you’ll be as golden as the edges of my chapati bread!

Bloody Mary’s

An epic garnish for a traditional bloody mary–blue cheese bites!

Pumpkin Banana Pudding Parfaits

This pumpkin banana pudding is a seasonal take on banana pudding, and it’s just as easy to assemble as the classic recipe. JUST ADD PUMPKIN PUREE!